Cactus Man Recap

Tue, 05/02/2017 - 10:05 - Cactus Man, result

Another successful day at the Cactus Man Triathlon. Tri-Scottsdale sweep all races with our athletes winning both the men's and woman's division in both the Sprint and Olympic distances. Congrats to everyone that raced and finished. Here are the extended results:

Olympic Relays: Team Triplex/TriScottsdale 1st o.a. 2:08:42
Team Loopy 4th div. 2:44:51
Team Granada Tri-ers 2nd div. 3:21:15

Olympic Women:
Adrienne LeBlanc 1st o.a. 2:14:19
Lauren Krueger 1st div. 2:30:48
Jessica Folts 1st div. 2:32:47
Jennifer Gibson 2nd div. 2:47:41
Tiffany Milliman 4th div. 2:52:18
Julie Poisson 2nd div. 3:01:54
Shawn Treglia 5th div. 3:04:15

Olympic Men:
Ryan Hardy 1st o.a. 2:00:22
Adam Folts 3rd o.a. 2:10:23
Bryan Dunn 2nd div. 2:12:09
Dylan Delacruz 1st div. 2:13:34
Paul Beckert 2nd div. 2:20:18
Lance Hutchinson 4th div. 2:27:21
David Ketley 6th div. 2:28:10
Todd Singer 5th div. 2:30:53
Walter Clarke 7th div. 2:31:47
Jeff Kootman 4th div. 2:38:13
Joe Rink 2:38:57
Will Fischbach 9th div. 2:41:22
Tim Westbrook 10th div. 2:49:42
Steve Greenspan 7th div. 2:49:58
Rod Kinney 2:49:58
CJ Ketterer 2nd div. 2:51:27
Stephen Black 8th div. 2:53:34
George Demetrulias 1st div. 2:57:54
Marvin Davis 3rd div. 3:19:41
Tim Bolen 3:21:19
Ralph Ray 4th div. 3:21:42
Ajay Narwani 3:31:55

Sprint Women:
Robin Watson 1st o.a. 1:11:30
Tammy Nicholson 2nd o.a. 1:14:20
Lori Lynn Tovey 4th o.a. 1:15:22
Jane Esahak-Gage 1st div. 1:16:32
Krista LaPan 1st div. 1:17:08
Dana Kennedy 3rd div. 1:27:29
Terra Schaad 4th div. 1:29:44
Jenny Holzapfel 2nd div. 1:35:17
Terry Dykshorn 1st div. 1:38:45
Karen Gresham 4th div. 1:40:46
Grace Weigel 4th div. 1:41:29
Amy Monier 5th div. 1:42:57
Diane Bruchhauser 6th div. 1:46:00
Tara Helm 9th div. 1:48:16

Sprint Men:
Paul Stevenson 1st o.a. 1:00:35
Peter Ney 5th o.a. 1:08:24
Barry Tait 3rd div. 1:11:47
Tyler Barfield 1st div. 1:13:16
Chad Dean 6th div. 1:13:16
Lowry Barfield 1st div. 1:14:20
Chris Weigel 7th div. 1:15:50
Jonathan Meek 1st div. 1:18:07
Adam Fullerton 5th div. 1:36:48
Jason Teetsel 1st div. 1:46:39
Jeff Teetsel 1:46:39

Founded in 2006 by local triathletes Preston Miller, Lewis Elliot and Marc Rubin, Tri-Scottsdale is a non-profit organization and triathlon club, dedicated to helping athletes of all levels reach their potential, from beginners to elite to professional triathletes, through daily workouts, beginner clinics, and athlete mentoring. Our annual Tri for the Cure AZ brings all members together to support a great cause, having raised over $300,000.00 for cancer research.

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