Saturday Long Ride - Time Change 6am

With the heating up around the Valley, the seasonal time change for the Tri-Scottsdale Long Ride each Saturday is in effect. The ride now starts and 6 a.m. from the Panera Bread at Scottsdale & Double Tree Ranch Roads.

This time will remain in effect until September or October, roughly, depending on how long the hot weather sticks around this year.

On the Road During the Gainey Ride

The Tri-Scottsdale Tuesday Gainey Ride has become one of the most popular in the Valley. Leaving year around at 5:30 a.m. from the Gainey Village Health Club, it has become one of the largest and fastest short rides (25 miles), usually has aorund 70 cyclists and boast having hosted a large number of professions athletes while visiting here.

The following video was taken on April 18, 2017 as the lead group heads eastbound on McDonald Road with professional triathlete Lewis Elliot setting the pace.

Garmin HRM-Swim Review

I remember back when Polar was the happening heart rate monitor company back in 1996 when I first started triathlons.  Their HRMs had the ability to read and transmit through the water to the watch a current heart rate value.  When the 2.4Ghz bandwidth, ANT+ and Bluetooth technology took over the industry, the ability to transmit a HRM signal disappeared and athletes were no longer able to get an accurate HR reading while swimming.  That’s no longer the case with the introduction of Garmin’s HRM-Swim heart rate monitor.

TriScottsdale's Big Track Group

Just because it is getting dark outside as the 2016 triathlon season comes to an end, it does not mean that our Wednesday Track workout is getting any smaller. Check out the video by Preston showing a very hard workout, thanks to Lewis Elliot, with about 50 team members showing up. If you are looking for a group training setting with some of the best triathletes in Arizona, check out our workouts.

The Two Best Ways to Build Endurance as Fast as Possible

Sometime try to count the amount of books, podcasts, blogs and tv shows about the best way to become fit and build endurance. Your head will spin . . . then you will become very, very confused. Then you will most likely go back to training the exact same way you have for years. Which, if stats are correct, is at right about 89% of your maximum heart rate; just under your lactate threshold and in a place where you feel you are working hard enough to derive some benefit, but not hard enough that you feel uncomfortable.

Weight Training Made Easy

There are two questions triathletes are always asking. Should I weight train and if so, what is the best way?

Ask 5 successful triathletes and you are sure to get 5 different answers, assuming they wouldn't try to talk you out of resistance training. But take a look at the respected scientific research over the past ten years and one thing becomes clear; weight training will improve performance. This becomes even more that case as triathletes enter their 40s, 50s and beyond.

Garmin Connect & Muscle Oxygen Sensor Data

Garmin recently released a series of firmware updates for several popular training devices that has been seldom reported on, but may mean a great deal to some, depending on the equipment you own. About two weeks ago Garmin allowed third-party vendors to write data from their devices to Garmin's native FIT files. This is going to have big ramifications for endurance athletes that like to self-quantify their training and use some of the newer devices on the market. Where it will make the biggest difference is for athletes using running power meters and blood/muscle oxygen sensors.

Founded in 2006 by local triathletes Preston Miller, Lewis Elliot and Marc Rubin, Tri-Scottsdale is a non-profit organization and triathlon club, dedicated to helping athletes of all levels reach their potential, from beginners to elite to professional triathletes, through daily workouts, beginner clinics, and athlete mentoring. Our annual Tri for the Cure AZ brings all members together to support a great cause, having raised over $300,000.00 for cancer research.

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