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Volume 1 | March 1 2018
We are so excited to announce we will now have a monthly newsletter! We will be choosing a member of the month to feature so feel free to send us your race reports or big things in your Tri world you would like to share and we will choose a new person each month. Also thank you to all that have donated to the club as we don't have member fees, but are growing substantially in size and need YOUR financial support and volunteers along the way. Race season begins for some of you this month and we couldn't prouder. Race fast and be safe!!
Upcoming Events!!
Saturday's Ride:

Sonoran Desert Route. Meeting at Panera - Gainey Ranch. NEW START TIME 7:30 AM
Out-and-back from Panera, east and north via Doubletree, 64th St, Paradise, 56th St, Deer Valley, Tatum, Jomax, Cave Creek, Sonoran Desert/Dove Valley to turnaround at Fry's near I-17.
While on Sonoran, we'll find Alec Tripp, and try to ride with him for a while. He's out there all day for this great fundraiser.

Saturday March 3rd...Alec Trip (TriScottsdale Member) is doing a fundraiser for Project DM Xtreme Triathlon and Allison Merlo's non-profit Outreach Theraplay. If you could help him with two things that would be wonderful! Firstly, he's riding loops for 8 hours on Desert Sonoran Drive on March 3rd (6 am-2 pm), please come join! There will be an aid station. Secondly, could you please pledge to donate per mile? Anything helps, a nickel/dime/quarter/dollar per mile. The money goes to building playgrounds for children with special needs! Donate here!
Happy Hour:

Friday- March 9th from 5-7pm at CARAMBA on Scottsdale Rd. and Shea.
7318 E Shea Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85260-6426, United States
Join us for our first event of the year! Kits should be arriving the 9th as well just in time before the spring races including Tri 4 The Cure! Make sure you're signed up! They have happy hour special and awesome drink prices with a large patio. Looking forward to seeing you all there! RSVP here!

Tri 4 The Cure:

Saturday March 17th....Triathlon, Duathlon and 5k Run all in one day! In 2018 we are adding a Men’s Triathlon and Men’s Relay. Over the last 12 years we have had over 7,000 women participate in our race. Our goal is create a race day environment that is less about winning and more about having FUN. Discount code: TRISCOTTSDALE Register here!!

Tire Drive Fundraiser:

For the month of March, Tiffany Milliman has partnered with St. Vincent de Paul Charity to design a Tire Drive for their bike shop they use to help service used/donated bikes. They try to service over 700 bikes each year and they are in desperate need for 26" and 18" tubes. Tiffany is working out a few locations around the valley where you can drop them off, and there will be a box set up at the Happy Hour next week! Stay tuned for other drop off locations!

Member Spotlight
Dylan Delacruz- Huge PR at Phoenix Marathon and here is his race report!

I started the race with miss worlds Alison Merlo, and the king of extreme tris Alec Tripp. The first few miles felt like a breeze, ...maybe because we descended a cliff..idn. Alec went out in front (I’ve learned to not chase him running) and Alison was a little bit behind. I stayed to the pace I was striving for....haha yeah no....went out 2-3 minutes faster than I was supposed to at the half way mark which ended up being my second fastest 1/2 marathon ever. So you know totally set myself up for a great second half. I remember one of the guys I was running with said “I can’t believe some people run the first half as fast as they run their half marathons” I obviously chuckled and agreed. Side funny story is there was a girl I was running with and read one of the signs that said “your butt sweat looks good” the same guy I was talking with didn’t see the sign and thought it was her pick up line to him. It got super awkward and thought it was a good time to surge ahead.
My times stayed pretty consistent thru mile 23. Tried a bunch of stuff I really never used before (Gatorade Endurance, GU). Luckily being a bigger guy my stomach can pretty much handle anything. In fact it motivates me. Perfectly honest it was the French toast at the finish line that brought me there.
Anyways mile 24 I looked at my watch and I knew I had my goal and French toast at the finish. Alec finished I think a minute ahead and Alison had an amazing race finishing a few minutes behind. Great day spending it with everyone out there. 50 min PR!!!!


2017- USAT Women’s Masters Triathlete of the Year: Honors our very own....Adrienne Leblanc (Scottsdale, Ariz.) Leblanc claimed the women’s Olympic-distance masters’ and 45-49 titles at the USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships before racing to an age-group world title in Rotterdam. Congrats! What an accomplishment!
Race Results:

Powerman AZ Race:

Short Course
  • Sheila Hopkins: 1:51:01 (3rd in AG)
  • Murray MacPherson 2:05:25 (1st in AG)
  • Sam Coppersmith: 2:44:59 (6th in AG)
Classic Course
  • Simon Holzapfel: 2:59:58 (1st OA!!)
  • Elliot Kawaoka: 3:12:57 (4th OA!!)
  • Steve Rink: 3:50:26 (4th in AG)
  • Joe Rink: 3:56:43 (1st in AG)
  • Randy Miller: 4:14:56 (5th in AG)
Off Road
  • Andrew Inkpen: 2:29:02 (1st in AG)

24 HOP Race:

  • Andy Byrnes (Team CZ Racing) 22 Laps (5th place OA!!)
  • Rebecca Cannon-Vejar (Team Insomne de San Carlos) 15 Laps
  • Brandon Sullivan (Team Speedy Spokes) 12 Laps

Lost Dutchman Race:

  • Sue Casaway: 1:07:28 (1st in AG)
1/2 Marathon
  • Jan Lohman: 1:47:45 (9th in AG)
  • Susan Mulligan: 2:04:01 (12th in AG)
  • Diane Bruchhauser and John Jefferies: 2:42:43 (Pushing Alli- with Together We Live)
  • Taylor Newgaard: 3:49:53 (2nd in AG)

Phoenix Marathon:

Full Marathon-
Alec Tripp 2:53:48 (12th in AG) BQ
Dylan Delacruz (13th in AG) 2:55:06 BQ
Stephen Hall: 3:00:09 (15th in AG) BQ
Allison Merlo 3:02:09 (2nd in AG) BQ
Shawn Bernardi (15th in AG) 3:12:22 BQ
Kyndal Sorenson 3:20:52 (8th in AG) BQ
Matt Reines (33rd in AG) pushing Patrick Canez (37th in AG) 3:20:33 BQ while pushing Athlete on Together We Live Team!!
Margaret Brennan: 3:29:55 (5th in AG) BQ & PR & 1st Marathon EVER!!
Rochelle Arko 3:30:44 (10th in AG) BQ
Dave Drake 3:34:25 ( 27th in AG)
Walter Clarke 3:35:11 (12th in AG) BQ & PR
Lindsay Rusk 3:36:15 (44th in AG) BQ & PR
Tracy Evans 3:41:40 (14th in AG) BQ & PR
Rodney Kinney 4:09:28 (83rd in AG)

1/2 Marathon-
Brent Martin 1:23:03 (6th in AG)
Nathan Cruse 1:26:29 (21st in AG)
Jan Lohman 1:43:22 (45th in AG)
June Herion 1:44:25 (15th in AG)
Kathy Stanley 1:49:28 (4th in AG)
Nadia Munoz 1:51:45 (74th in AG)

Elaine Wangercyn 56:32 (5th in AG)
Dana Kennedy 1:05:17 (13th in AG)
Sue Casaway 1:07:15 (2nd in AG)
Diane & Ali 1:13:57 (53rd in AG) Pushing Together We Live Athlete

*****BQ’s, results and PR’s were noted if athlete informed us! Let us know if we missed anyone! Great job out there Tri-Scottsdale!

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